Jumpshare – Share online up to 150 different types of files

Transfer files from one computer to another, or even send a given document to a friend, a colleague or a wall is a task that can be done fairly easily using the use of a special and among the many resources of exactly this purpose.


Despite the wide variety of tools of this kind during the last hours, however, has made its appearance a new and interesting online service that will certainly make the happiness of all those who prefer the services accessible directly from web browsers than those who, instead, require the execution of special software on your computer.

It is, in particular, of JumpShare is nothing more than a handy online application through which each user has the opportunity to share without any kind of problem more than 150 different file types, all acting directly through the window of your web browser preferred.

Among the most popular formats supported by Jumpshare there are Word files, PDF files, MP3 files, images in JPG format etc..

In order to serve Jumpshare all that will be necessary to do will be nothing but drag the files you want to share directly in the space shown or, alternatively, load prior to select a folder on your computer.

You will then start the upload of the file and once completed can be shared using the appropriate link returned or, alternatively, using Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

The uploaded file can also be sent via e-mail message.

All files shared through Jumpshare may also be viewed or played, depending on the type, without having to download anything on the multimedia station in use but directly from the browser window.

The service, as well as all the other analogues, however poses some limitations.

All the files you want to upload to Jumpshare can not exceed the maximum size of 100 MB and will archivianti on the cloud for a maximum time period of 14 days after which will be automatically deleted.

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