How to clear all appars cache while the Android 4.2

android-4.2-rensa-cache-2 android-4.2-rensa-cache-1-295x524

There are several system tools in Play Store with similar functionality but a smooth new in Android 4.2 is that you can easily clear all appars cache at once. Unlike older phones like the HTC Desire which each MB was important, it has been in and with the larger internal storage spaces in modern units are not equally from clearing appars cache. However, there may still be an idea to free up some space in between.

Here’s how it works: you navigate to Settings> Store and then press the “Cached Data” second bottom of the list. Then ask the Android if you want to clear the cache all applications stored. Depending on how long it was they cleaned apps cache last, and how many apps you have installed, it can free up anywhere from a few MB to several hundred MB a couple of GB.

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